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9-3-21 Away Game vs Statesville

The student and volunteer call is 5:30, and the game starts at 7:30.

1. Begin loading trailer at 5:30 - all equipment needed (Jarvis/ladder, instruments, etc. should be loaded and done by 6:00. Flags should be placed in a flag bag together.

2. 5:50: All students in the band room - MUST BE MASKED. Go over final questions/procedures.

2. 6:00: Load buses beginning with Seniors. Everyone MUST be masked! (I will have bus lists prepared, but you'll need to make sure that anyone that doesn't sign up does so on Thursday.

Buses must roll by 6:15 at the latest.

3. Arrival at SHS: #1- send parents to secure band seating area. No student gets off of the bus until instructed by you. Loading crew volunteers first, then allow kids to get their equipment. Please stress to them that there should NOT be piles of open cases, random stuff, etc., lying around. The loading crew will neatly place instruments outside the trailer, sections will leave cases neatly grouped together latched, and closed.

4. Game - run as usual. (Halftime - TBD)

5. 3rd quarter break - be sure to give them a return time. They did a great job last week, so 2 minutes on the clock should be fine.

6. Departure - we leave the stands slowly and carefully as a full band - not individuals running to the bus. Still a public performance. We leave no trash for others to clean up.

7. After chaperons call the roll, let bus 1 driver know that it's ok to move out. Please communicate to each bus that when we are 20 minutes away from school, EVERY student must notify parents that they should be at the school waiting. (I'll see if it's possible to give you guys access to "Remind" so that you can send a message.)

8. At home - everyone ensures that buses are clean and that everything has been removed. No messes left in the band room.

9. Due to COVID, no "hanging out" in the band room for now. Put yo' stuff away and go home. :)

10. Finally -- make sure doors are locked down, and leave my keys on my desk, please.

During our time at SHS - kids are to act professionally, are NOT to cross to the home side, and should respond to any statement directed toward them with mature, kind responses.

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