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Band Camp Update

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Good morning Marching Wildcats and Families,

As we move toward band camp next week, I wanted to share the Fall calendar which includes games, practices, parades, and competitions that marching members are obligated to attend. Students should secure these dates with jobs, etc., immediately. Honor band dates and the winter concert is included as well.

I will be sending you an email tomorrow with some detailed specifics concerning marching season so as not to overwhelm with too much information at once.

For camp next week, please remember the following important items:

EXTREMELY important:

  1. Each member is required to have a large (think gallon-size) water container at all times during outside activities. This is non-negotiable. Students will be able to refill, but please do not come to camp without this.

  2. Health forms (attached) must be submitted on Monday morning. Please remember that they must be notarized.

  3. Masks: As of now, masks are optional for ISS. Please discuss as a family and do as you see fit. Regardless, we will try to maintain as much distance as possible.

  4. Footwear must be conducive to athletic activity. (No sandals, etc.).

  5. You MUST eat a healthy breakfast before attending camp. We have already experienced members having problems during our limited summer practices due to not eating. When with the LNHS Band, you MUST eat, and you MUST have water.

  6. We will NOT be able to provide full band lunch this year due to COVID protocols. Each and every member must bring a bag lunch to practice every day. (Again...eating is not optional).

VERY important:

Please remember that full member fee (minus $50 deposit if you have already paid this) of $175 is due on Monday. You may pay several ways:

A: CHARMS, use the "miscellaneous payment" category if you do not see the full member fee option.

B: The "Donate" button on the fundraising page at

C: By cash/check.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if assistance or payment plan is needed. We will create a solution together in a 100% confidential manner.

Attendance/well-being: In order to ensure that all members are capable of full participation, please note that any member who must sit out of activities for a combined period of 30 minutes will need to be picked up and return home for the remainder of the day in an abundance of caution. For all members, three absences from rehearsal will result in the member being placed in "non-performance" status until we can be assured that all missed material/choreography has been learned and will not cause potential injury or be detrimental to the performance of the band at-large.

Pretty important:

1. Be sure that you have ordered black gloves (cotton wrist-length), and marching shoes (plain matte black)

2. Apologies, because I don't think that this has been covered: Members should have black shorts (khaki-type if possible) for summer uniform.

3. Be sure to have a binder with sheet protectors, your show music, extra reeds, your own mouthpiece, etc., and a pencil for EVERY rehearsal.

That is all for today- thanks so much, and I can't wait to see you on Monday! Remember- practice BEGINS at 9:00. To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late.

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