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Congratulations to our Wildcats!

In keeping with our "putting some things right" campaign for this year, I am reinstating my performance night emails that began in 2002 and slipped away sometime in the past 7-8 years.

Tonight was a special performance in many ways, and I am so proud of all of you for the work that you have put in since August. I promised you that once the show was learned, that the hard part would be over and the fun would start. I can tell by the way you're performing that you're beginning to see that, and the staff, the parents, and I can see it right before our eyes. It's a beautiful thing.

You got some trophies.

You'll forget them.

What you'll remember was how you felt tonight screaming, cheering, and celebrating with the people you've worked with so hard to get to this point. You'll remember that some of you actually cried during the performance because there was just no other way to let the thrill and adrenaline out. THAT's what we do this for...not for the shiny plastic. I could care less about the trophies and placements, but I care tremendously about how you carried yourselves tonight, how gracious you were with other people, and how professionally you treated the experience.

I am proud that you were awarded 1st place music, 1st place general effect, 1st place drum major, 2nd place percussion, and 1st place overall class 4A. Don't get me wrong- it's wonderful to receive that recognition, BUT as we discussed....we were simply picking up the trophies that you had already earned at practice. If practice and rehearsal doesn't take place in a championship manner- those things go away just as easily.

A great man named Michael Jordan said, "Practice like you've never won. Perform like you've never lost". NOW is the time to put that into action.

You've begun something truly special this year kids, and hopefully, you'll never experience the end of it. If you take care and do this correctly and follow the course, it will be kids 4 years from now, 10 years from now, your own kids, etc., etc., that will reap the benefits of what we're putting in place.

I'm so proud of you, and so excited for practice next week!

As you know, we have another competition on the calendar next Saturday. We'll be at East Burke High School, and the schedule will be almost identical to today. When I have a final itinerary and will share it with you- likely on Monday.

We'll also be welcoming our middle school future members on Friday night, so you have another big job, which is to pull them into the fold and make this band something that they can't wait to become a part of.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. I hope you enjoy replaying it in your head- you've earned it!

Good night, and well-done band. Well done.

Mr. B

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