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July 24 2022 - Upcoming Marching!

Good morning everyone!

As we inch closer and closer to band camp and the competition season, I would like to cover/reiterate a few things:

1. Dates/calendar: Please be sure that the attached calendar makes it to a spot where you can easily access it. Marching members are expected (per your intent form) to participate in all practices and performances. Work, concerts, etc., should not be scheduled on marching dates. Please let me know if you have any questions.

2. Wednesday, August 3, is our final pre-camp rehearsal. Students- please remember that your opener should be memorized as I would like to set drill next week. (Leadership- you may go ahead and assign drill numbers based on the member spreadsheet, and you will be receiving drill and coordinate sheets before the end of the week. UNLESS a rewrite is being completed)

3. Member fee: Everyone should have submitted the $50 deposit by this point. Please remember that the $125 balance will be due on the first day of camp on August 15. (Total of $175). This does NOT include Color guard. Due to other expenses, the guard should have only submitted the $50 deposit. Fees can be paid on the band website:

4. Health/release form: Please submit it by the first day of camp.

5. Uniforms: Information will be sent soon regarding uniform fitting for each student. These will be scheduled for the Saturday before and the Saturday after band camp.

8/13 [Seniors/Juniors] and 8/20 [Sophomore's/Freshman/Middle Schoolers].

6. Finally: This is the time of year (every year) that we have students and parents start to question whether they have time for marching band AND school. I have been doing this for many years, and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that yes - you will be perfectly fine for 3 months of marching season. Most of our members have BETTER grades during marching season because of the time management necessary to fulfill all obligations. Also, younger members can take advantage of the help and/or tutoring from upperclassmen during the season.

Thanks, everyone, and please let me know if there is anything you need!

Mr. B -- Christopher Brown Director, Lake Norman High School Bands National Board Certified Teacher, 2010

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