Good afternoon everyone,

Several updates and reminders for everyone:

1. Medical/release form: Several members have informed me that the second page (release) was not present on their .pdf medical form. I am reattaching the form to this email, so please let me know if you have any issues seeing the second page.

2. Calendar: Again- HIGHLY important that you know when things are happening. One error was corrected: the Friday, 9/2 game against Statesville IS a home game.

3. Wednesday's practice, 9:00-Noon. Please come prepared to be outside (weather permitting).

What that means:

A: Full, LARGE water jug.

B: Liberally applied sunscreen.

C: Drill markers. (Flat markers of any kind that you've personalized to recognize which ones belong to you. Think poker chips)

C: Tennis shoes. (It is highly advised that you wear shoes that you don't mind getting wet/dirty, as well as an extra pair of dry socks and shoes to put on when we return from the field.

D: You must, WITHOUT FAIL, eat a healthy breakfast containing protein and pre-hydrate the night before practice. Training camp is not a time to forget breakfast or to diet. You will go through lots of energy and calories, so if you are not properly fueled, you will feel faint. Eat well!

E: Leadership- please be sure that you have assigned drill numbers. We are still in rewrites, but hopefully finished today.

4. First band booster meeting of the year- Thursday at 7:00 in the auditorium. Parents- you are needed!

5. Finally: band members- you should have all of movement 1 (Stay Awake) prepared and ready for Wednesday.

Please let me know if there is anything that you need, and we'll see you soon!

Mr. Brown

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