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Mount Pleasant Competition Information

September 24, 2022

Student call is 8:30. Please be on time as we will have to leave relatively quickly.

Parent competition info:

If you've never attended a marching competition before, you'll love it! You will actually be able to hear everything the band is doing, because the crowd is there FOR the bands.

Cost: Mt. Pleasant has not notified me yet of admission price, but competitions are typically between $3 and $5 for entrance.

What you'll see/hear: There will be some individuals talking during the competition. Those are our judges, and are there to provide constructive feedback for our program. Most of them are in the press box, but you will see a few on the field with the band.

What the band does: We will arrive in time to use the facilities, and perhaps get a quick snack. We'll unload and head to our warmup area prior to our performance time (12:40).

What the parents do: Please try to sit with the other Lake Norman parents. During our show, it is ENTIRELY appropriate to applaud at any time you appreciate something the band does. (It is also entirely appropriate to scream, cheer, etc., for our kids!!). Some competitions are what we call "dead-audience" competitions, where the fans only applaud for their own bands. Although unfortunate, that is why we need OUR fans in the stands and loudly cheering our kids on.

There may be "air-grams" available to purchase, which are announcements made over the PA before we go on. (Parents- this is a FANTASTIC time to embarrass your child). 😉 "Snookums, we are so proud of you!"

At the end: The awards ceremony will take place at 2:05. The announcer will recognize each class (determined by band size), and announce any special recognition along with ratings. Ratings range from 5 (poor) to 1 (Superior).

**Veteran parents (and kids). This is a "State-sheet" show, which means that it is one component of NC Marching Band MPA. Although we are typically used to achieving "Superior" ratings, these competitions are meant to measure growth throughout the entire competition season. You can reasonably expect that the judges may not award "Superior", and it's ok. This is a different ballgame with specific rules in place for the judges and scoring system.


Parents are more than welcome to take students home or to another scheduled event at any point after our performance. We simply ask that you notify us in advance if possible, and make sure that you check your student out with their bus chaperon before leaving.

Thanks everyone- I hope this answers some questions, and I can't wait to see a huge group of LNHS supporters on hand Saturday! (Don't forget to bring concession money- this is a fundraiser for the Mt. Pleasant band, and we want to support them as much as possible.)

Mr. B

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