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We welcome you to be involved in the booster organization to support the activities of the association and ultimately the band students (especially your student). Booster meetings are the first Thursday of each month in the band room at 7:00 pm. If you have a child in band…you’re a band booster!

The LNHS School Band attends and performs at Home and Away Football Games where we need Parent Volunteers to assist in multiple activities. Tasks and responsibilities are spelled out on Charms and posted via our Facebook/Social Media channels.  

Chaperone / Equipment Management (HOME/AWAY)


These roles are made up of volunteers that assist with moving the band and its equipment from the LNHS band room to either the home football field or an away school or competition. The number of people in these roles will fluctuate based on the number of buses and trailers required to move the band. We need at least 2 chaperones per bus for every away activity. Trailer Pullers are dependent on the amount of equipment required to move the band. Year after year this is reviewed, as the show is developed to ensure space and drivers.


Roles listed in this category include:

Lead Chaperone (Pass Gate near band room)

Stands/Water Chaperone (Pass Gate near band room)

Uniform Chaperone (Pass Gate near band room)

Bus Chaperone (AWAY only) Trailer Puller (AWAY only)

Pit Crew (Visitor Side Entrance)




Fundraising is essential to the Band Program. There are 2 opportunities to Fundraise during the Home Football Games. Volunteers staff the concession stand and sell 50/50 Raffle tickets. Roles for fundraising include:

Concession Chairperson (Visitor Side Entrance)

First Shift Concession (Visitor side Entrance)

Second Shift Concession (Visitor Side Entrance)

50/50 Raffle Ticket Sellers (Pass Gate near band room)


Sign Up Genius


The Volunteer Coordinator will set up a sign-up in Sign Up Genius for all of the required volunteer spots. Parents willing to help should sign up for the game and position online. Each band family should volunteer at least once during the band season for one volunteer slot. Emails will be sent to remind volunteers of the activity they agreed to do and pass gate lists will be made up of the names of people who have signed up. If you do not sign up in advance, your name may not be on the pass gate list and you may need to pay for your ticket to gain entrance into the game. If you cannot make a game it is important to communicate that to the volunteer coordinator so other arrangements can be made.

Pass Gate Lists/Passes

Home Games

Band Parents who sign up can gain access to the game through the appropriate gate at no cost. If you did not sign up through one of our channels to fill a volunteer role you may be expected to buy a ticket to gain entrance into the game. There will be 2 entry points for the games. There will be a list at the visitor’s side and one at the pass gate at the side gate next to the main entrance (beside the band room steps). The position you sign up for will determine your entrance. Example – Pit Crew/Concession stand volunteers will have to enter at the visitor’s side pass gate. 


AWAY Games

All volunteers for away games should be traveling with the band on buses or in a truck pulling the trailers. Mr. Brown and the lead chaperone will have a list of volunteers to provide access to away games.

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