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London Trip 2024

Official Travel Dates:

Depart: December 27, 2023

Return: January 3, 2024

Upcoming Dates to Remember:
NEW DATE:  December 12: Booster/London Planning Meeting 7:00pm
December 12, 14: Parade Practice 3:45-5:30pm

To purchase London merchandise,
click below!


Attention all travelers:
We need passport scans for every member of our group. Please click below to access the form to upload yours ASAP!


If you still do not have a uniform, contact Jen Bower immediately to schedule a fitting.  

All performers will need:

  • Marching Shoes:

          (Keep in mind that we do have shoes that can be borrowed. They are located in the hanging bag in the instrument storage room)

    Most common vendor is Bandshoppe

    Models to select from (flat/matte black only)

          -Speedsters:  $28.95

          -DSI Velocity:  $36.95

          -Super Drillmasters:  $40.95

  • Gloves:

    Long wrist, cotton, black gloves:  $2.80 


  • Long Black Socks:

    Any brand is fine, but no short socks, and no design should be viewable when in uniform pants.

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