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London Trip 2024

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Thank you for volunteering to be a part of this amazing opportunity for our band in 2024.  Please sign up by clicking on the link above.  As we move into the planning phases you will be contacted and we will coordinate and be in touch.

Information will be updated as it becomes available:


Click on the button below to make an installment payment for the trip.




There will be 13 scheduled payments of $275, with the final payment (TBD) due September 1, 2023.


NOTE: Each payment date is firm. There is no possibility for the band to float individual payments.


If paying "in full", the amount of $3,575 is due April 1, 2022, with final payment (TBD) due September 1, 2023.

Payments may be made in 2 ways:  

A:  Cheddarup (preferred method).  Click here for the payment portal

B:  Checks made payable to LNHSBBA with "London" in the memo line. 

If paying by check, please place in an envelope clearly labeled with each traveler's name, and drop in the black box near the band room door.  Also- if paying by check please drop 2-3 days before the payment due date so that they can be deposited on the actual due date.


4.  London apparel and "swag" is now available at Home | LNHS Marching Band (

5.  Trip Cancellation Policy


Q & A's:


Q:  Can we as individuals spaghetti dinners, bake sales, even writing to companies and corporations and asking for sponsorships?

A:  Of course!  Many students from our last trip were able to pay for their entire program by doing just that.  We do, however, expect that EVERYONE will participate in full band fundraisers.


Q:  What actual days will we be in London, and where will we be on those days?

A:  It's still a little early for us to know this, however, expect to leave the US a couple of days after Christmas, and return a day or two after New Year's Day.


Q:  Phones/electronics/charging?

A:  Most of your cell carriers have an option to turn on connectivity during international trips by simply contacting them or activating that option on their website.  

Charging:  You'll need a UK Type-G adapter such as this one from Amazon


Q:  How will we pay for things in London?

A:  EASY!  Notify your bank that you are traveling, and if your card has Visa or Mastercard logo, use it just as you do in the states.  Of course- it's also fun to have some British Pounds in your wallet.  Visit your bank to request an exchange from US Dollars to British Pound Sterling in whatever amount you would like.


Q:  Will current 6th graders be included with the band?

A:  ABSOLUTELY!!  You are 100% an LNHS Band member on this trip.  Also, remember that 8th graders are invited to be members of the LNHS competition band with your band director's recommendation.


Q:  Do I have to be in the marching band to go on the trip?

A:  No.  Although there is an unwritten expectation that all members except Fall athletes march, we do not make marching band mandatory.  For this trip, however, everyone (marching member or not) participates in the parade.  Don't worry- we'll teach you everything you need to know.


Q:  When will we get music, and when will practices be?

A:  We will have parade practices scheduled and distribute music next school year in the Spring.


Q:  What is the latest date that we can add people to the trip?

A:  We will have that information from London shortly.

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