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Parent Volunteers

The band cannot be successful without the involvement of parent volunteers! There are so many areas of opportunity available, you are sure to find at least one that you can help in. So that all the work doesn't fall on the shoulders of a few, we ask that each family sign up for 2-3 volunteer spots per season. This can include, but is not limited to: working at the concession stand for home football games (all proceeds from the Visitor's Side Concessions go to the band), chaperoning a bus trip, donating snacks/food/drinks for events and trips, helping with uniforms and props, etc. Please see below for the many ways you can help.


We utilize the Sign-Up feature on the BAND app for our volunteer positions. Be sure to join our group so that you can view and sign up for our many volunteer opportunities. If you have any questions about volunteering, you can contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Vicki Reinemann, at

2024/2025 VOLUNTEERS:

Please fill out this form as soon as possible. You only need to fill out sections 1 and 2. Please return the forms to the black box in the band room, or you can email them to Mr. Brown.

Volunteer Positions

Home Game Stands Volunteers

Duties Include:

  • Helping in stands as needed to ensure students' safety

  • Roping off band section (home and visitor side) with caution tape, if needed

  • Helping prepare and transport water coolers to bleachers with bottled water and ice

  • Helping clean bleachers after the game

  • May also be asked to help Pit/Prop Crew at half-time

Concession Stand Volunteers

Duties Include:

  • Selling and serving food at the Visitor's Side Concession Stand

  • Cleaning up the Visitor's Side bleacher area after the game

50/50 Raffle Crew

Duties Include:

  • Selling raffle tickets during the first half of home football games

Pit/Prop Crew

Duties Include:

  • Assisting students with loading and unloading equipment and props from truck & trailers

  • Assisting students with getting equipment and props on and off the field for performances at home games and competitions

Away Game / Competition / Parade Chaperones

Duties Include:

  • Riding the bus with students and helping on the bus and in the stands as needed to ensure students' safety

  • Checking students in on the bus when leaving from school and returning from away game/competition/parade

  • Helping prepare water coolers with bottled water/ice and snack bins when needed

  • May also be asked to help Pit/Prop Crew at competitions

  • Walking with the band in parades to ensure students' safety and pick up dropped items

Trailer Puller/Equipment Truck Driver

Duties Include:

  • Using a personal vehicle with hitch to pull the one of the three band equipment trailers to away football games, competitions, and/or parades

  • Driving equipment truck to band competitions

  • Helping students with loading and unloading the trailers and truck

  • May also be asked to help Pit/Prop Crew

  • Following behind the band in parades

Marching Band Camp Chaperones (Summer Dates)

Duties Include:

  • Assisting on-site during band camp, being available to students in case of emergency, sickness, injury, or other concerns

  • May be asked to help collect forms and fees

  • May be asked to take pictures for the website and social media pages

Uniform Crew

Duties Include:

  • Measuring students and assigning new uniforms at the beginning of the season

  • Assisting with the distribution and collection of plumes

  • Assisting with any uniform malfunctions (missing or lost items, minor repairs, etc.)

  • Helping to check-in uniforms at the end of the season and prepare items for dry cleaning

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